Fence Repair in Arlington

Homeowners in Arlington, Texas have many types of fences, from decorative to practical, each with unique repair requirements. All fences need regular maintenance to keep them looking new and to catch problems before they become major repair issues.

Maintaining Wood Fences

Decorative Painted Fences

A peeling decorative wood fence gives your yard a shabby appearance. Peeling paint also leaves your wooden fence vulnerable to rot, mold and mildew and insect damage. You should have your fence repainted if your paint is flaking. Parts of your fence that have insect holes or rotted areas should be replaced. Broken pickets are safety hazards. Leaning pickets need to be reinforced before they weaken the entire fence.

Decorative Stained Fences

Decorative stained wood fences, whether rustic or classic, will eventually need restaining to protect the wood from weather, mold and mildew. Wood fencing is normally treated to prevent insect infestation, but if your fence has developed cracks, it could be harboring termites or carpenter bees. Little piles of wood shavings are sure signs of insect infestation. Damaged pickets or poles should be replaced. The entire fence should then be restained. If the problem is seasonal mildew, pressure washing will resolve it. Fences, like decks, should be restained when they start to fade.

Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing, or stockade fencing, is usually stained. Due to its size, it needs regular maintenance to prevent expensive repair. Privacy fencing maintenance should take place at the beginning of spring. Winter storms are hard on privacy fences and can result in the need for fence repair in Arlington. Damaged sections should be repaired or replaced and any needed restaining done so that your fence looks its best all summer. Privacy fencing should be pressure washed to remove mud and other unsightly storm debris.

Maintaining Metal Fencing

Cast Iron Fences

Cast iron fences can be decorative or used for security. It’s important to keep them painted to avoid expensive rust damage. Cast iron fences are frequently subject to damage by fallen limbs. This requires intensive professional fence repair in Arlington to save the fence and keep your property secure.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are a good way to keep your yard secure and your children or pets safe. They’re generally low-maintenance but should be inspected for rust that can weaken the metal. Chain link fences are often damaged by large dogs digging beneath them. If you’re experiencing this problem, a professional fence repair technician can reinforce your fence.

Maintaining Composite and Vinyl Fences

Composite and vinyl fences are popular because they don’t have to be painted or stained and aren’t vulnerable to insects or rot. They can be damaged by high winds, fallen limbs and vehicles. Depending on the fence style, damage can affect one section or threaten the stability of the entire fence. Call for fence repair in Arlington as soon as you discover damage to your composite or vinyl fence. Regular pressure washing is recommended to clean vinyl or composite fences and to remove mildew.

Your fence is a major aspect of the curb appeal of your home and important to your family’s safety. Regular maintenance will keep your fence looking good and help keep your family secure.