Bonhomme Universe in Sunny Isles Public Arts

On Dec. 5, 2017, Sunny Isles’ newest addition to its public arts was introduced to the public. The Bonhomme Universe, which was located in Jade Signature is designed by Romanian artist Daniel Knorr.

Bonhomme Universe is a 10.5-foot snowman sculpture covered in 28 assorted precious and semi-precious gemstones, such as green quartz, moonstone and red jasper collected across the world that represent Miami as a multicultural community, while the palm symbolizes peace, eternal life and victory. The structure is supported by metal rings that form spheres. It is one of Sunny Isles public arts that both residents and tourists can be proud of.sunny isles public arts

The sculpture was commissioned by Fortune International Group for Jade Signature, a high-end condominium tower in the city of Sunny Isles through Liaisons. It is one of his masterpieces that highlight his snowmen artwork. Knorr is popular for his snowmen sculptures in the last two decades, which were exhibited in Switzerland, Hungary and France.

The city of Sunny Isles is proud to showcase the Bonhomme Universe to everyone as it manifests Miami’s diversity, beauty, soul and welcoming atmosphere, according to Edgardo Defortuna, Fortune International Group President and CEO. He added that it is in honor of the singular community and camaraderie. It is a welcoming landmark and a source of inspiration for all those who are able to see it.

Knorr started making snowmen after he became inspired of a snowman, even without a snow. In Bonhomme Universe, he incorporated the snowman, a cold climate display in the subtropical place like Sunny Isles. He got an inspiration from Miami’s landscape and decided to use different colors of gemstones. “Bonhomme” means “good man” in French, which the artist wants to send the people of Sunny Isles Beach.

Bonhomme Universe is the result of the ordinance implemented in Sunny Isle Beach’s Art in Public Places. In January, Sunny Isles accepted applicants for the new Public Arts Advisory Committee (PAAC) in order to help the commission in enriching the public arts. They requested those who have skills in architecture and design, visual or graphic arts, urban planning, engineering, digital and display design, public art and place-making curation, as well as professionally trained artists to join the committee.

The goal of the commission is to transform the city into an inspiration of cultural diversity and arts. The commission developed a cultural master plan that includes arts and cultural programs, according to Sunny Isles Beach City Manager, Chris Russo. The PAAC team is expected to beautify Sunny Isles Beach, the “jewel” of the northeast Miami-Dade County.

The accepted members of PAAC serve a two-year term and work on a pro-bono basis. The five members make suggestions on the overall public art policy, selection of artwork displayed in the city, methodology and other art-related responsibilities given by the city manager or city commission.

Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places is a project founded by the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs to offer the community art installations to preserve and enhance the civic and artistic pride of miami offer sunny isles public arts to people and to enrich the public environment. The project aims to improve the visual representation of public places that can uplift and connect the community.

Established in 1973, the Miami-Dade Art in Public Places passed the ordinance that required the allocation of 1.5 percent of construction costs of new buildings for the commission of artworks.The Arts in Public Places is managed by citizens’ Trust that was appointed by the PAAC.

Since then, the Trust has commissioned more than 650 artworks all over the county. The artworks were installed around Metrorail and Metromover stations, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Miami International Airport, PortMiami, Zoo Miami, fire stations, parks, libraries, police stations, courthouses and community health centers and public housing developments.                                                          


Fence Repair in Arlington

Homeowners in Arlington, Texas have many types of fences, from decorative to practical, each with unique repair requirements. All fences need regular maintenance to keep them looking new and to catch problems before they become major repair issues.

Maintaining Wood Fences

Decorative Painted Fences

A peeling decorative wood fence gives your yard a shabby appearance. Peeling paint also leaves your wooden fence vulnerable to rot, mold and mildew and insect damage. You should have your fence repainted if your paint is flaking. Parts of your fence that have insect holes or rotted areas should be replaced. Broken pickets are safety hazards. Leaning pickets need to be reinforced before they weaken the entire fence.

Decorative Stained Fences

Decorative stained wood fences, whether rustic or classic, will eventually need restaining to protect the wood from weather, mold and mildew. Wood fencing is normally treated to prevent insect infestation, but if your fence has developed cracks, it could be harboring termites or carpenter bees. Little piles of wood shavings are sure signs of insect infestation. Damaged pickets or poles should be replaced. The entire fence should then be restained. If the problem is seasonal mildew, pressure washing will resolve it. Fences, like decks, should be restained when they start to fade.

Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing, or stockade fencing, is usually stained. Due to its size, it needs regular maintenance to prevent expensive repair. Privacy fencing maintenance should take place at the beginning of spring. Winter storms are hard on privacy fences and can result in the need for fence repair in Arlington. Damaged sections should be repaired or replaced and any needed restaining done so that your fence looks its best all summer. Privacy fencing should be pressure washed to remove mud and other unsightly storm debris.

Maintaining Metal Fencing

Cast Iron Fences

Cast iron fences can be decorative or used for security. It’s important to keep them painted to avoid expensive rust damage. Cast iron fences are frequently subject to damage by fallen limbs. This requires intensive professional fence repair in Arlington to save the fence and keep your property secure.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are a good way to keep your yard secure and your children or pets safe. They’re generally low-maintenance but should be inspected for rust that can weaken the metal. Chain link fences are often damaged by large dogs digging beneath them. If you’re experiencing this problem, a professional fence repair technician can reinforce your fence.

Maintaining Composite and Vinyl Fences

Composite and vinyl fences are popular because they don’t have to be painted or stained and aren’t vulnerable to insects or rot. They can be damaged by high winds, fallen limbs and vehicles. Depending on the fence style, damage can affect one section or threaten the stability of the entire fence. Call for fence repair in Arlington as soon as you discover damage to your composite or vinyl fence. Regular pressure washing is recommended to clean vinyl or composite fences and to remove mildew.

Your fence is a major aspect of the curb appeal of your home and important to your family’s safety. Regular maintenance will keep your fence looking good and help keep your family secure.

Arson Investigations: How Can Fire Testing Help?

It might seem strange to think about, but the science of fire testing has progressed dramatically in just the last few years. With the sophisticated technology available to many police and fire departments and the incredible advances in forensic testing and chemical analysis used by crime scene analysts, arson investigators have never had a more powerful set of tools with which to scrutinize the scene of a destructive fire.

At the Atomic Level

Forensic teams make frequent use of a technology called “mass spectrometry” to determine the nature of the evidence they find at a crime scene. Spectrographs can tell an investigator the precise chemical mixture of nearly anything that has physical mass, which means anything from a burnt piece of wood down to a tiny drop of flammable liquid can be tested and identified even hours or days after a fire.

While this technique is often used to test for the presence of an accelerant, it can also be used to test debris for the presence of chemicals that result from a particular kind of fire. Not only could evidence of arson turn up, but evidence of exactly what burned might accompany it.

The Big Picture

Years ago, the best way to demonstrate an arson scene would be to give someone a tour. Now, the best way to analyze where everything is might be to plant a 3D scanner in the center of the room and allow it to create an exact three-dimensional duplicate of the scene.

The reason this is useful is because it becomes a gigantic super-high-resolution photograph of the scene that can be viewed and measured from literally any angle. It can also be overlaid with maps of damage, heat residue, debris and burn patterns to get an exact picture of what happened.

The scene can also be plotted on a timeline, showing the damage as it happened in real time based on the evidence at the scene. The results can demonstrate to an investigator or a jury exactly where a fire started and how it progressed.

Ruling Out

These kinds of precise investigative techniques can also help rule out criminal activity in a case where the initial evidence points to an erroneous conclusion. Many times fires that are initially ruled arson later turn out to have been caused by accidents, appliances or leaks in gas or steam pipe systems. When the debris from a fire is examined by trained and experienced personnel, they can often find the true cause even if some of the evidence points elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of arson crimes result in no conviction. In many cases, law enforcement is ill-equipped to scrutinize the unusual kinds of evidence found at an arson scene, and therefore doesn’t have the ability to gather the information it needs. This, among other reasons, is the main justification for seeking out the advice of a qualified and knowledgeable analysis and testing company. The same forensic investigations that are used successfully in other criminal cases can be used to find the truth in an arson case.

How a 1999 Intellectual Property Law Still Protects Inventors Today

When Congress voted the American Inventors Protection Act of 1999 into law, a number of important reforms came into being. Many of these reforms were aimed at helping independent inventors protect their ideas and avoid fraudulent invention promotion companies.

Among its titles, the law required the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to publish patent applications 18 months after filing. This publication serves as public notice of an inventor’s rights. Now that the invention has been made public, it’s possible for the owner to put others on notice of those rights if they believe their invention is being infringed. Not only does publication grant invention owners the power to seek damages from others who are infringing, but it also entitles the owner to treble damages.

The act also addressed the sometimes-considerable patent prosecution delays at the USPTO. Applications may stall for weeks or months while overworked patent examiners sift through paperwork. Arguably, this meant that inventors were missing out on a considerable portion of their patent’s term. The act corrected this imbalance by enacting patent term adjustments that were added to the end of a patent’s term to make up for the prosecution delays. Inventors could now enjoy a longer term during which their patent was enforceable.

Just as importantly, the act made it easier for inventors to protect themselves and their ideas from unscrupulous invention promotion companies. Dozens of these companies exist in the U.S. They tell inventors that they will market their invention. However, sizable costs are often involved and little or no promotion activity ever occurs. Thousands of inventors poured a lot of money into invention promotion companies based on empty promises. At the end of the road, their invention had not been marketed, and the inventor was in much worse financial shape with little to show for it.

The American Inventors Protection Act required such invention promotion companies to disclose details about the inventors they had performed services for and the inventions that they had successfully brought to market. Contact information for the inventors is required as well so people who are considering working with these firms can seek a recommendation. The intention of the law was to weed out the disreputable invention promotion companies that were more or less perpetrating fraud on their customers. Savvy inventors should be able to discern whether they are working with a reputable company or not depending upon the company’s track record.

While there may be a number of reputable invention promotion companies out there, it is far better to work with an intellectual property attorney who can guide you through the often difficult and arduous process of patenting an invention. Not only can patent attorneys help shepherd your application through prosecution, but also point you in the direction of reputable firms that will provide genuinely helpful marketing services.

Contact Jeff Williams for reliable advice concerning how to protect your inventions. An experienced Texas patent attorney with comprehensive knowledge of applicable laws, Jeff can help steer your application through the USPTO.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Intellectual Property

Most entrepreneurs know it’s important to protect intellectual property. However, it’s difficult to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve put together this convenient cheat sheet. Whether you’ve never considered intellectual property before or you want to increase the sophistication of the knowledge you already possess, this guide offers valuable guidance with the patent process.

Cheat Number 1: Patent Searches

You’ve invented a great product or process, but how do you know if someone else has already patented the invention before? Visit the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website at The “Quick Search” function is particularly useful to novice searchers. This function allows the user to input two search terms, and then select whether to search all fields for those terms or to look for those terms in a particular field. The “Title” field is probably of the most use when looking for inventions that are similar to yours. This website allows you to search issued patents and pending patent applications. Keep in mind that only published applications are included in the results. Accordingly, there may be additional, unpublished, applications that may be relevant to your search.

Cheat Number 2: Filing a Patent Application Online

The USPTO has a relatively user-friendly interface for filing patent applications online. You’ll find the portal at From there, you select the EFS-Web link to access the interface. A great deal of work must be done before you can file your application. For instance, you must decide which type of patent is appropriate for your invention. Design patents are appropriate if you have created an ornamental design while plant patents are the right choice for a new plant variety. All other inventions are considered appropriate for utility patents.

You’ll also have to ensure that you have all of the required parts of the patent application. In order to be accorded an application serial number and filing date, your application must contain a written description of the invention, which is called the specification. Depending upon the type of application you’re filing, you may also have to include at least one claim that specifically describes the invention that you hope to protect. An oath or declaration by the inventors is required and government-mandated fees must be paid.

Cheat Number 3: The Inventors Assistance Center

Recognizing that filing a patent application is not the most self-evident process, the USPTO has created the Inventors Assistance Center at The Center helps independent inventors find the answers to general questions regarding patent examination policy, formatting issues, locating and filling out forms and paying the right fees. However, the IAC cannot provide legal advice or offer opinions regarding the patentability of inventions.

While the USPTO has made it possible for independent inventors to file patent applications, there is a great deal to be said for working with a qualified Texas patent attorney. By allowing an attorney to prepare and file your application, you are much less likely to encounter formal and technical roadblocks that will make it difficult for you to obtain a patent. Moreover, experienced patent attorneys can find creative ways to distinguish your inventions from the disclosures of existing patents and applications.

Contact Texas patent attorney Jeff Williams to learn more about how to patent your invention. He’s helped numerous independent inventors and companies obtain the intellectual property protection they need.

Why You Should Call an Attorney After a Auto Accident In Arlington

Every automobile accident has the potential to be dangerous, even if you only have a “fender-bender.” In this case, your car gets damaged, there could be injuries, and, of course, there is the other party and any passengers that may have been injured in either vehicle.

The police are typically called to an auto accident, and one of the parties is given a citation of fault, such as speeding or running a red light. There is no way for the average person to determine immediately if they have incurred injuries except on their car, even after the officers have declared legal fault. This is why you should call an attorney if you have been involved in any type of auto accident, minor or serious.

As soon as possible, contact an Arlington auto accident attorney to seek legal help and guidance. A consultation will allow you to discuss the details of the accident with a professional and learn your rights.

Personal Injury in an Accident

There are many injuries that do not develop right away, so to automatically declare that the accident was minor, with no injuries, would not be wise. In cases where you cannot gather information, do not worry. Have a physical exam that includes checking the back and spinal cord, if you have no other injuries. Take care of yourself first is the rule. If you have a family physician, it is always good to go to someone who knows you; but get a medical report.

Information for the Lawyer

Below are five tips you can obtain at any accident to get at the scene of the accident, if possible. The most important rule is to talk to no one about how you feel or the fault of the case.

1.) If there are any witnesses, get their name and phone number.

2.) Take a picture of the scene and all vehicles involved; using your cell phone is fine. Take pictures of any injuries, also.

3.) If you have been injured, seek medical help immediately. Your physician or the emergency room of the local hospital, and bring the records, if possible.

4.) Obtain the other party’s name, phone number and insurance company while the police officer is there.

5.) Get the name and badge number of the officer who comes to the scene.

Every year there are over 232,000 auto accidents with injuries in Texas alone. This number allows for mild and major accidents where someone was injured. It is a terrific risk to be involved in a car accident that was not your fault and not have an attorney.


Interesting Applications for Single Board Computers

It’s no secret that mankind is living in a tech-driven era. From medical devices that prolong life and cure disease to cars that run on electricity and software, tech has become a vital component of how things work around society. And its because of this exciting new era that single board computers were invented. By minimizing the cost of a computing system drastically, technology can be placed in the hands of every person in the world including impoverished villages and third-world countries that have yet to catch up to the technological capacity of developed nations.

If you have a single board embedded computer and is interested in exploring its capacity to create new technology or manage existing systems, here are 3 DIY projects to try out immediately. These projects showcase just how much computing power you can get from a single board computer.

Mini Mac Pi

Although Apple products are notorious for their seemingly ludicrous costs even for a high-end laptop that lasts up to 5 years, integrating a Mac on your computer doesn’t need to be this expensive. You can construct an old-school mini Macbook model using a Raspberry Pi board that runs a version of Mini V Mac, which mimics Mac OS 7. The latter operating system enables users to run simple open-source programs like Open Office.

Vending Machine

Single board computers are designed to be supremely lightweight and neatly compact, giving users the ability to stick it into kiosks and vending machines. Try your hands at making a vending machine that sells a simple product, such as chocolate bars. Of course, the user interface will require you to learn more than just basic code, so be prepared to learn languages like Python in depth.

Halloween Setup

Another great use of a Raspberry Pi model B is for giving trick-or-treaters a good scare during Halloween. When children or adults get close to your front porch, you can program the lights to dim out and scary noises to be projected through the backdrop using a Raspberry Pi. To pull this off, you’ll need other props including reflectors and sensors that will control the environmental changes.

How to Find the Best Internet Deals in The Music City

How to Find the Best Internet Deals in The Music City

The best deals on Nashville fiber Internet are going to provide you with a way to save money on your Internet connection. You will be able to get a much better connection when you are handling your connection in the right way. You have some choices below that are going to lead you in the right direction when you want to get connected in the Music City.

The Bundles

The bundles that you take from your Internet provider will allow you to keep your services all on the same bill. You will be able to see what all your services are doing for you, and you will be able to make the most of each service. You each service when you get them on the same bill, and you will be able to avoid late payments because you are only using the services on one bill.

The Speedy Connections

The speedy connections that you get are going to allow you to use your Internet faster, and you need to ask how much more speed you can get. There are many ways for you to get a faster connection, and you need to make sure that you have done all the work that is needed to get that fast connection. Ask for the right equipment for your home, and make sure that you have a clear understanding of how you can set up your house.

The Pricing

You can change the speeds that are used in your home based on how much you want to spend. There are many ways to make your house a place that gets the best speeds, and you need to be sure to ask the Internet company how they are going to serve you. They can give you the best connection possible, and they will allow you to save a little money.

Every time that you sign up for a service, you will be able to manage your home or office much better. You need to find the one service that is going to provide you with what you need in the Nashville area. Use these services to change the way that you connect to the Internet and the people around you. You simply have to figure out what it is that you want to do to make sure that you are able to get the connection that you want. Every person that searches for these services is going to have a chance to change around their home to meets their own needs. You can get something fast, and you can get something that priced well.



NailO is an inconspicuous wireless track pad that is so small it can fit on your thumbnail. It looks a bit like decorative nail paint and the hope is that in the future the individual will be able to top it with an exchangeable nail art that best represents their individuality. There is also thought being given to be able to color coordinate the appearance to what one is wearing. The unit is light weight and currently functions at 92% accuracy. It would allow you to be able to swipe info while both hands are busy. You would be able to answer the phone while cooking or follow a recipe without needing to stop what you are doing. It could also be used to help you follow instructions while doing work like soldering.

Other uses would be if you needed to communicate unnoticed while in a meeting. It functions with the same kind of touching as an iPhone touch screen. When used on the thumb the other fingers can access it and it will not interfere with what are you doing or holding. It allows you to tap your thumb with your index finger to send a wireless message by way of Bluetooth to a mobile unit or PC. Work is being done to design a battery that would be only one half of a millimeter thick. Because of its size it would need to be energy efficient so deactivated when not in use. To prevent accidental nail calls made by misinterpreted gestures there is a proposed two second activation press that would trigger it. You would be able to program a certain gesture in to respond a certain way. For example, swiping your thumbnail would call home.

NailO is a wearable technology that is in the designing stage and probably will not be available for at least three years. It will be ideal for subtle interaction where voice or big motions are not appropriate. It would allow your nail to be part of a track pad and would become part of the computer. You can take it off, it will not be a permanent part of you, so you are still in control of it.